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LLet us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.  Romans 14:19


This week is National Marriage Week and the subject is the Forever Conversation.  We’re encouraging couples to have a conversation about what it takes to ensure their marriages last forever.  

A lasting marriage takes effort and perseverance.  In the previous weeks we’ve talked about some of the skills needed especially during this lockdown time.

It’s really important to pursue things that ensure our relationships thrives; communication, forgiveness, kindness.  Also key is fun!

Having fun together helps us to re-connect and re-energise our marriage.  And in this season where there are challenges and we can’t do some the fun activities we may have enjoyed before, we may need to be extra intentional and use some creativity.  

Fun can be a cheeky g&t together on a Wednesday or a dressing up and cooking a special meal together.  

How can you have fun together in this season?

Prayer (as a couple)

Ask God to help you be intentional with things that re-energise your marriage.  List them and make an agreement before God to pursue them.

Prayer (for others)

Pray for another couple who need an injection of fun in their marriage.  Perhaps forward the article below to them?

More …

Our sister organisation, Time for Marriage has written a blog article on having fun together for Marriage Week.  Read it here.