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Our culture is suffering from broken relationships, many of which emanate from family and marriage breakdown. These so often result in heartache for men, women and children along with increasing difficulties in society at large, as the trust and security so necessary for our collective lives, breaks down.

There’s a very old saying: “Families who pray together stay together.” We believe there is truth in this!

Married couples and families face issues every week to do with health, work, practical concerns, and financial worries as well as in their relationships. Praying together can really help us in the midst of life’s challenges.

Our dream is to see thousands of couples praying together, in unity. Praying for each other, praying for others in their family and community and praying for resolution of common issues that we all have to face.

Our purpose is threefold:

  • to help couples to pray together,
  • to helpĀ people to pray for other couples,
  • to help couples to know the difference that God can make in marriage.

What is it?