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‘Listen to my words, Lord, consider my lament.  Heart my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray.  In the morning you hear my voice; I lay out my requests before you and wait expectantly.’  Psalms 5:1-3 NLT


There are many reasons for it, but for most Christians, there come times when praying seems unreal.  If our relationship with God becomes less immediate our conversation with Him becomes less honest, especially about those things that matter to us most.

David – lover of God, shepherd boy, king, warrior, psalmist, musician and red-blooded alpha male extraordinaire – seldom had this problem.  In many Psalms he openly described his situation and expressed how he felt about it with passion and sometimes quite alarming frankness.  He came clean about his doubts, fears, anger, frustration, shame and aspirations for the future.  Even when he was spiritually low David prayed ‘real’ prayers.

Let’s always be honest with God – He knows what is going on inside us anyway – even when that’s difficult.

Prayer (as a couple)

Father God, help us to keep on praying even in those times when it’s hard to be sure You are listening.  We come before you now just as we are, to lay our requires before You, waiting expectantly for You to answer.  Amen.

Prayer (for others)

Lord of all faithfulness, mercy and love; we pray that ____ and _____ will be able to pray together about all that concerns them.  Please help them to be completely honest and humble before You.  Amen.


Rely on Him – acknowledge your utter need of God’s help in every circumstance.