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This Monday the lockdown rules changed significantly to allow slightly larger groups of people to meet up.  It’s certainly been a joy for us to connect with some of our family who we haven’t seen for a while.

Last week we talked about things we are learning in this season, this week we’re thinking about how we are going to put any changes in place.  As things change again (we’re not going to talk about going ‘back to normal’), what does this next season look like for you?  Who are you keen to re-connect with, what are you keen to put into your diary.  How will you navigate any differences of opinion?  We’ve spoken to a fair amount of couples who have differences of opinion on what’s ok in lockdown let alone who they want to see or what they want to do as lockdown eases. It’s important that we discuss these things together to help us navigate the future.

Prayer (as a couple)

Ask God to help you with establishing new boundaries as events and people creep into your diaries.

Prayer (for others)

Pray for a couple that you know has found the social isolation of this season tough.  Ask God for good connections for them going forward.