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Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is a child of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7 (NLT)


Valentines stuff is all about getting attention. The card says – secret admirer! Please be interested enough to guess who I am.  Come and find me! It’s more about “the chase” than about nurturing who you have already chosen. Have we stopped noticing each other? – too busy parenting, providing or doing the stuff?

“ I even dyed my hair shocking pink but I was still invisible”

How sad when we no longer feel “fancied” by the other. “Fancying” is more than sexual attraction – it has to do with the soul – that soul which attracts me -that person I like – admire – value.

Can we open our eyes to see each other again? It’s not about red or pink cards though that colour gets our attention! Are you willing? – Do you STILL choose to take this man / this woman to be your lover – your life partner?

Prayer (as a couple)

Lord, open my eyes again to my partner. Take me beyond the things that irritate me. Give me your insight so that once again I see deeply into the soul of my partner in life. Lord, help us to give each other our attention this week. Inspire us with creative ways to offer each other our love and to continue to commit for a life time. Amen

Prayer (for others)

Lord God, popular culture promotes a pink and red view of love which focuses on the surface of attraction in relationships. You call your church to model your love in our world. Love that never gives up – love that forgives- love that grows. Lord we pray for our church and our communities. Help us Lord – help us become a visible demo of your love – as couples- as families – as church in our neighborhood. amen

Final quote

‘Choose your love, Love your choice.’ Thomas S. Monson