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How could one man chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight?…….for their rock is not like our rock as even our enemies concede!  Deuteronomy 32:30


God employs some very interesting mathematics at times whereby one plus one doesn’t always add up to 2. When God uses His power of synergy, the correlated and combined force of a husband and wife working together in united action surely the impossible can be overcome.

Certainly something we are in awe of is when we are more together than when we’re apart.  We’re excited by the great things God does through us together sometimes through our prayer, other times serving and other times just our feeble attempt to mirror Him.

How does this look for you?

Prayer (for ourselves)

Father God we pray that we may realise the increasing strength we have the more we work with God’s synergy, together in united action.

Prayer (for others)

Father, we pray for _____ and _____ who seem to be pulling in opposite directions, reveal to them the power of God’s synergy, that if they work together as a combined and correlated force they will be so much more effective.


When spiders unite they control a lion.  An African Proverb