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‘I hate divorce,’ says the God of Israel…. Malachi 2:16a


The floodwaters rise and things sink – cars, houses. Relationships. We’ve just seen another friend’s marriage disappear down a sinkhole. Anguish on all sides. Blame flying around, not always accepted when it should be. Divorce can be rationalised all you want, but it blows a huge hole in the wider family.

Marriage is sacred. Not an ‘institution’ – no wonder so many feel trapped! It’s a beautiful globe of light held in God’s hands, kissed, and launched out into the world. That’s not to say it’s a fairy tale of Happy Ever After. It takes lots of work and prayer. We’re coming up to 36 years of marriage; don’t ask us what those early years were like! Now we can say, it was worth it. Let’s do the work, so we don’t take something God has kissed and let it slide down the sinkhole.

Prayer (as a couple)

Dear God, thank you for the reminder that our marriage is a holy thing, set apart and blessed by you. Help us as we seek to live this out through our ordinary days.

Prayer (for others)

Lord Jesus, we pray for _______ whose marriage seems so unsteady. Help them to sense your blessing and get the help they need to carry on.


‘If I get married, I want to be very married.’ Audrey Hepburn