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And this conversion of the Gentiles is exactly what the prophets predicted. Acts 15:15 NLT


Brother Lawrence (a 17th Century monk) said he was completely converted to Christ while looking at the bare branches of a tree in winter. The tree appeared dead, yet he knew that leaves, flowers and fruit would reappear. This deeply impressed him with a sense of God’s love and power.

The roots of the verb ‘to convert’ mean to turn around, to transform. My 180-degree turn followed on from reading the Old Testament book of Job. When I got to the end of Job, it hit me full force that I was never going to get all of my million questions  answered. That night, I knelt and asked God to take my life and do with it what he wanted.

What about you? What caused you to turn to Christ in faith? How has your life changed?

Prayer (as a couple)

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for sending Jesus to pay for our sin and bring us into your family. Help us never to take this great gift of salvation for granted.

Prayer (for others)

Dear Lord, we pray for _______ who is in need of a complete change of direction. Let their heart be open to the work of your Spirit.


“The basic dynamics of conversion are summed up for me in the words LEAVE-ARRIVE, END-BEGIN, SHED-EMERGE.” Sue Monk Kidd, God’s Joyful Surprise