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“And Adam knew his wife and she conceived……..” Genesis 4 (older versions)

 There’s a lot involved in knowing each other. Here the phrase seems to be a colloquial form for sexual intercourse and the phrase is beautifully expressive of the intimacy explicit in loving sex.


Perhaps we have been married a few years and feel we know each other so well that there is no more to learn. Our responses can become predictable. However, in reality, we are multi-layered and complex. Working through obstacles means we adapt and draw on depths previously unknown.

We can look for these new flowerings in each other as life tests us. Instead of the “Oh no!” reaction to what life throws at us perhaps we can flex our faith in God – that in each other he will have provided hidden resources so we can grow and mature in our faith.

 Prayer (as a couple)

Lord God you made us male and female so we could become one in knowing each other. Thank you for the physical intimacy we enjoy, help us to grow in our spiritual closeness and especially in our ability to see new depths in each other as we mature. Help us to encourage and affirm each other every day. Amen

Prayer (for others)

Pray for a couple you know who have been married 15 years or more.

Lord, help _____ and ______ in their marriage. Because they know each other so well they can predict each other’s reactions and responses. Help them see beyond what they know to the hidden depths that you see. Please surprise and delight them with new examples of creativity, maturity and fresh insights. Please deepen their knowledge of each other. Amen