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He has taken me to the banqueting hall and his banner over me is love.  Song of Songs 2:4


This is my youngest daughter and her husband!Look at the expression on their faces! Joy and anticipation!

We celebrate love in the wedding service and at the reception. If there was a banner over the top table it would be Love and Faithfulness.

God not only blesses our marriage, He also invites us to his banqueting table every day. His banner is flying there. It’s his love and as we receive it together our own love is resourced and strengthened.

Do you visit his banqueting hall together?

Prayer (as a couple)

Lord we thank you for each other’s love. Thank you that you invite us to celebrate at your banquet where your banner is LOVE. Lord bless us with more love and more appreciation of each other. Amen

Prayer (for others)

We pray for _____ and _____ getting married soon. Lord please enable them to see your banner of love over them. Help them get to know you now so that in the difficult times they may be secure. Amen

Final quote

Celebrate! You never know you might enjoy it!