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People should think of us as servants of Christ, the ones God has trusted with his secrets. 1Cor 4:1 NCV


‘10 secret places you can only find on foot’ – this article appeared in the National Trust magazine. I have not yet explored any of these, but they sound exciting.

Even more exciting – the secret places you can only find on your knees. I’m sure you could add to the list, but here are my top five:

  • Hidden treasures of scripture. Have you ever tried reading the Bible on your knees? It may sound daft, but there is something about the kneeling position with God’s word open in front of me that opens my heart to hear in a deeper way. Or even, reading the Bible in any place which is new and different.
  • God’s desires for my life. Sometimes I’ve poured out prayers – ‘I want this, I want that’ – only to hear, after a while, what God is saying he wants for me.
  • Love for the unlovely. As Christians, I don’t feel we have the right to say, ‘She’s just not my kind of person, so I’ll avoid her.’ Naturally we can’t befriend or minister to everyone, and we are drawn to some more than others. Yet if there is a kernel of disgust in my heart towards another believer, it needs rooting out. That only happens on my knees.
  • Forgiveness when I wander off the path – which I do regularly. Yes, I know I am permanently and irrevocably forgiven by Christ, through his death on the cross. But I need daily cleansing, that feeling of ‘whew!’ when I sense there is nothing murky between myself and the Lord.
  • Re-taking hostages. Sometimes we have to fight and wrestle in prayer, for the lives and souls of others who are captive to the Enemy’s lies.

Of course, ‘on my knees’ is a metaphor. You might prefer to pray sitting, standing, walking. My best prayer times are hiking out in nature. The position is not important, but I hope you won’t miss out on the delights of the Secret Places.

Prayer (as a couple)

Heavenly Father, help us to look for the secret places which are found in you. Guide us as we talk about places of prayer might work best for us, and help us to have your spirit of discipline to form new habits in our prayer life.

Prayer (for others)

Lord Jesus, we especially pray for _______. Help them not to be blinded by the Enemy, but to see your truth and walk in your ways.


If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you. Then you will know that you are nothing. It is only when you realize your nothingness, your emptiness, that God can fill you with Himself. Mother Teresa, In the Heart of the World